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A Vibrant Tapestry of Local Flavors and Craftsmanship: Pemberton Mill Hall Market Days

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Pemberton Mill Hall comes alive several times a year with the bustling energy of Market Days, a beloved community event that showcases the best of local flavors, crafts, and artistic creations. These eagerly anticipated gatherings bring together artisans, farmers, and vendors.

Market days

On Market Days, the grounds surrounding the hall transform into a lively marketplace, adorned with colorful stalls and the tantalizing aromas of devonshire teas and sausage sizzles. Farmers proudly display their seasonal produce.

Market Stalls
Clive's Creations

Local artisans showcase their masterpieces, from handcrafted jewelry and textiles to intricate woodwork and pottery. The hall becomes a treasure trove of creativity, where visitors can browse and engage with skilled artisans, gaining insight into their creative process and supporting the local arts scene.

Market days
Soaps and Essential Oils

Pemberton Mill Hall Market Days have become an integral part of the community's fabric.

Plant stalls
Sally's Plants

Market Days embody the essence of Pemberton, encapsulating its warm community spirit and rich cultural heritage.



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